Entrepreneurial responsibility

Responsible investing

capiton makes every effort to act with the utmost integrity and awareness of its responsibility with regard to portfolio companies, employees, shareholders, consultants, local authorities, and not least the environment.

We act responsibly, thoughtfully and according to clear guidelines

We are a member of Invest Europe , the association representing Europe’s private equity and venture capital sectors, as well as the BVK (Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften). Responsible acting and investing is enshrined in their guidelines, thus form an integral part for us.

capiton’s basic principles are enshrined in the capiton AG guidelines on responsible investment (PRI). We are convinced that our sustainable investment approach leads to long-term value appreciation and risk reduction in our portfolio companies. Based on the capiton ESG guidelines, the approach of acting responsibly is not only an integral part of the investment decision, but also part of the continuous management process in the holding phase of our portfolio companies. The liability of our portfolio companies’ directors is also largely covered.

Analysis and rating system for ESG

capiton has entered a partnership with a consultancy specialising in ESG with regard to implementing the capiton ESG concept in the investment phase, and subsequently in our investment companies and reporting procedures. We have developed a specific analysis and rating system in collaboration with this external consultancy. This consultancy provides capiton with support in assessing and rating ESG risks and opportunities in potential investments, and integrating ESG into the organisational structures and company procedures of our portfolio companies.