Global PE Alliance

Excellent partners around the world

capiton is a member of a network of leading international Private Equity companies. Benefit from the expertise of our global partners at Global PE Alliance.

Global PE Alliance

In the Global PE Alliance you will meet experienced international private equity companies which follow the same high standards as we do.

Global PE Alliance

A good network serves everyone

With a total of seven partners across Europe, Asia and South America, we have access to a broad network and key overseas markets. The constant transfer of “best practices” between partner funds provides significant benefits, especially for our portfolio companies. Local networks and knowledge help our portfolio companies expand internationally. We have access to industry specialists, managers, consultants and experts across different sectors in key overseas markets. In addition, the Alliance provides the opportunity to invest in companies alongside our partners, and therefore to better utilise the local benefits of globally acting companies. For example, this is how we acquired our portfolio company HR Group together with Ziylan, the leading Turkish shoe retailer, and at the same time a portfolio company of our partner fund, Turkven.

A win-win situation.

What our partners say

We are in close and regular contact with capiton. The advantage of having access to local partnership networks is very valuable in the context of international expansions.

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