Responsibility at the core

From our point of view, private equity is more than just invested cash. With each investment, we take responsibility for our investor’s money, and for the company and its employees.

Analysed in detail, carefully selected

We don’t invest in just any company. We perform detailed due diligence on potential companies and strategies, because our experience has taught us that the initial situation must form a suitable foundation on which to build the vision. We therefore invest in different sectors, some classified as particularly attractive (for more information, see „investments“). Regardless of the sector, we look at any investment opportunity in detail and on a case-by-case basis, and analyse risks and opportunities.

Investment criteria

A clear investment focus helps us and our investors to ensure the success of our company. The focus of our investments rests upon German-speaking countries. This ensures that we always understand the entrepreneurs with whom we work – in every sense of the word.

We also specialise in small to medium-sized businesses. Even though the scope of our investment pools has grown steadily in recent years, we still invest in small and medium-sized ordinary businesses.

We have strong similarities with the visionaries who we support through our investments: they pursue a clear and ambitious goal; they take responsibility; and they have the foresight and courage to recognise and take on challenges. These similarities form one of capiton’s greatest strengths.

Shoulder to shoulder

It is important for us to coordinate strategies and goals with our portfolio companies. We pursue the same goal as them, i.e. success through solid, long-term company concepts which promise growth for all.

We behave like an entrepreneur – in the best sense. We do not set great store on short-term profit, but aim for long-term success. This vision distinguishes us from many other providers and connects us with our small to medium-sized businesses.

Key indicators which underline this successful approach:


on average per year

were our portfolio companies able to increase their annual turnover during the holding period.


on average per year

grew the number of employees during the holding period.


on average per year

rose the operating profit (EBITDA) during the holding period.


Over 200 years of experience in the team

The dedicated capiton team includes a wealth of experienced investment specialists. Their professional experience totals more than 200 years of private equity expertise; experience that pays off for our investors as well as for our investment companies.

Outstanding track record

Today’s capiton team has already managed more than 80 investments, of which more than 70 exits have been realised. Each year we analyse between 100 and 120 investment opportunities, and from these we make one to three investments a year. Since 1992, we have been able to successfully conclude at least one transaction every year.

Our own network of advisers

Our proprietary network of advisers enables us to identify interesting investment opportunities at an early stage. Advice from our network also benefits our portfolio companies. The additional industry knowledge they provide benefits the strategy and development of our investments, and helps us draw up the roadmap.

Investments with an excellent reputation

We have grown our reputation as a reliable partner over decades. We provide advice over the entire investment period, but don’t get involved in the operational side of businesses. Even after the sale of our investments we often continue to offer assistance. Our former portfolio companies are always happy to provide us with testimonials.

Well-established tradition: committed partners

At capiton, the team that realises the investment normally remains actively involved throughout the entire value-appreciation period. This is how we build trust and knowledge throughout the holding period, which pays out thereafter.

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