Creating a market leader

A buy-and-build strategy enables you to form a new, stronger corporate group with one company as a nucleus and further add-on acquisitions in the industry.

The result is something totally new

capiton helps you to create a significant market player through intelligent acquisitions in an as-yet-unconsolidated, future-oriented industry. The result is a better-performing, even more successful company which is more professional and stable than before.

We have already successfully implemented numerous such consolidation concepts, for example in our previous investment Schur Flexibles. The turnover and profit there was increased significantly through 8 acquisitions.

Core of the vision

An important requirement for such a vision is a future-oriented and highly fragmented industry. It also needs a management team that has the will, experience, strength and vision to integrate several companies and therefore create a significant market player.

We know how to create a new, larger and more successful market player from several companies. We know how to harness momentum towards consolidation within a market. We will also advise on how you can form a corporate group and therefore increase long-term company value.

To take a closer look, see our previous Schur Flexibles investment. Another example is our previous investment Trenkwalder.

Alignment of interests

Basic principles

One of the key capiton basic principles is for us to pursue the same goal as our portfolio companies and their management. It’s not about quick profits at any price, but about the long-term health and value-appreciation prospects of your company.


At capiton we aim for solid growth, fully utilising the company’s potential. This means that we generally reserve additional capital for our portfolio companies to enable further growth. We do not charge our portoflio companies any monitoring fees. Excessive levels of debt are also not part of our philosophy.


capiton actively provides advice and expertise in the dynamic value-appreciation phase, without getting involved in the operational side of your business. You will benefit from our substantial experience of similar cases.


In the end you will create a company which is unique in the market and even better equipped for the future, providing secure employment and more valuable than ever: a company which you, your employees and we can be proud of – your company.

Contact us if you want to know more about how we can support your buy-and-build concepts.



What our portfolio companies say

capiton has made it possible for us to consistently exploit opportunities for market consolidation.

Jakob Mosser, CEO
Schur Flexibles