Management-​­­­Buy-Out / Management-Buy-In

With the team in place, your vision becomes reality

As a corporate manager you may have the opportunity to participate in an ownship succession in your company – or you may see lots of development potential in another company that you are acquainted with. In these situations, capiton can help you in conducting an MBO or MBI.

From manager to entrepreneur

capiton as it exists today is itself the product of an MBO. As an investor, we have helped many other managers to perform their own MBO, and so we know exactly what it involves and what you need to do. With our help, you will take the decisive step from manager to entrepreneur. You will become an owner.

Find out more using the example of our previous nora systems investment. Other examples include Lahmeyer or Borsig.

The alternative: Management Buy-In (MBI)

There may also be a company that you want to buy and develop with other managers, even though you’ve had no previous involvement in the company. Maybe you know a company that you have previously worked for, or perhaps you have worked for a competitor and so are well acquainted with the market. We also like to work with managers who see a consolidation opportunity in a market, and who want to achieve this by way of implementing a buy-and-build concept.

With a management buy-in you come on board as a co-owner and managing director from outside the company, and realise your management vision. In this case, capiton can provide you with the necessary equity and advise you on the strategic and tactical decisions regarding the takeover. This will give you all the freedom you need to make your vision reality.

Find out more from the example of our investments in Schur Flexibles and KD Pharma.

Alignment of interests

Basic principles

One of the key capiton basic principles is for us to pursue the same goal as our investment portfolio companies and their management. It’s not about quick profits at any price, but about the long-term health and value-appreciation prospects of your company.


At capiton we aim for solid growth, fully utilising the company’s potential. At capiton we aim for solid growth, fully utilising the company’s potential. This means that we generally reserve additional capital for our portfolio companies to enable further growth. We do not charge our portoflio companies any monitoring fees. Excessive levels of debt are also not part of our philosophy.


capiton actively provides advice and expertise in the dynamic value-appreciation phase, without getting involved in the operational side of your business. You will benefit from our substantial experience of similar cases.


The result is a company which is your home and your future. A company which you, your employees, and indeed we, can be proud of.

Contact us if you want to know more about how we can implement your MBO or MBI.


What our portfolio companies say

Our collaboration with capiton was shaped by continuity in practice and a partnership-based, mutually trusting exchange. The management team enjoyed a remarkable level of entrepreneurial freedom in their day-to-day work.

Dr. Bernd Kordes, former CEO
Lahmeyer Int.

Thanks to capiton, we completed a successful MBO and were able to further develop the company independently. Today, we are significantly larger, stronger and more professional then we were back then.

Christa Hoffmann, CFO
nora systems

capiton has offered me the opportunity to leverage KD Pharmas’s great potential as CEO and co-shareholder. Since my appointment we have been working together on the company’s growth strategy, with great success.

Oscar Groet, CEO
KD Pharma