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Here you can find all important information on private equity and background knowledge. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Common terms and what they stand for

Private Equity

Equity capital, which is mainly provided by institutional investors to be invested in non-listed companies through specialized private equity funds.

Leveraged-Buy-Out (LBO)

Takeover through a private equity company by using substantial level of debt.

Owner-Buy-Out (OBO)

Special form of an LBO, in which the selling owner of the company reinvests substantial proceeds through an acquiring entity structure.

Management-Buy-Out (MBO)

Form of a takeover by a private equity investor, in which the salaried managers take an interest in the company.

Management-Buy-In (MBI)

Form of a takeover by a private equity investor, in which a new management from outside takes an interest in the company.

Growth capital

Equity investment in a company by an investor in order to finance growth, e.g. through the expansion of production facilities.


A form of value creation: Based on a nucleus company, several add-on acquisitions within the industry and their integration into a new and larger corporate group are made.


Buy-out of a part from a larger corporate group by an investor. Mostly in combination with an MBO/MBI.


Environmental, Social, Governance.

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Guidelines for our actions

Our guidelines for solid, ethical and responsible investments.

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