More options for our investors

If the required capital demands it, our investors are actively looking for opportunities.

Direct investment with our investors

When it comes to larger transactions or large-scale buy-and-build concepts, we offer our investors the option of co-investment. This allows them to invest directly in the company to be acquired. Our investment Schur Flexibles is one example during which we successfully implemented a buy-and-build concept together with three co-investors from our existing group of investors.

What our investors say

Our co-investment with capiton has been a very good experience throughout. They made sure to keep us fully informed at all times and valued our thoughts and input. It was a real pleasure working with them.

Jean-Francois Le Ruyet, Partner
Quilvest Private Equity

We are impressed by capiton's professionalism and its transparent and responsive approach to working with us.

Erik Wong, Principal