LifeLine Software Inc.

The company

LifeLine Software Inc. is a leading US software company specializing in the development and distribution of fully automated and independent dosimetric validation software for radiation treatment planning systems in the medical industry. LifeLine Software, head-quartered in Texas, was founded in 1998.


The transaction

Following the successful acquisition of Euromechanics Medical in 2016, LifeLine represents LAP’s second add-on acquisition since capiton V acquired a majority stake in LAP. LifeLine will allow LAP to expand the increasingly important soft-ware portfolio of its Quality Assurance products used in radiotherapy applications and thus strengthens its position in this attractive and rapidly growing market. LifeLine has a market leadership position in the US market, serving a total of 2,300 radio therapy centers. LAP intends to leverage its international network to support LifeLine’s entry into the European and Asian markets.



LAP was established in 1984 in Lueneburg and is the world’s leading manufacturer of laser projection and measurement systms for medical and industrial applications. The company is the world market leader in the field of laser components and system solutions for the reproducible positioning of patients in oncological radiation therapy. In addition, the company sells products for projection and touch-free measurement for a variety of industrial applications, e.g. in the aerospace, wind power and steel industries.